Principle No. 5 — Micro Consideration

For the past year, Naoto Fukasawa has been busy attending different Muji events, sharing the concept of “micro consideration.” This is important as it describes the level of detail in which how Muji products are taken into consideration of people’s lifestyles. To name a few, Naoto Fukasawa is one of the few designers who really pay attention to details. To him, no detail is too small. While this may seem obvious, I only found a handful of companies that would take the extra mile — just to make a better quality product. For consumers, the design intentions and details may not be as apparent; however, I would argue that this is what makes a product successful. Part of industrial designer’s role is to simplify product so that consumers can focus on using the product, and thus elevating the user experience. The act of “simplifying” a product doesn’t reduce the product’s capability, instead, it enables the user to do better, and more complex work. Good design eliminates frustration. As Naoto Fukasawa once said, “If small problems indicated by discontinuity in a behaviour are resolved, then everything runs smoothly once again.”

*will explain more in-depth in future posts

"Do you recall experiencing so many micro considerations?"